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The Bengal Art Lounge is a professional, commercial exhibition venue that highlights the works of both eminent and upcoming Bangladesh artists. Established in late 2011, It exists to make art accessible and to promote the idea of art as enjoyable to the public. This is one reason for the Lounge’s location at the busy Gulshan 1 intersection in Dhaka.

At the Lounge, we have hosted local and international exhibitions, music events, and roundtables and discussions on contemporary art. At these discussions, we bring patron organisations together and encourage them to collaborate.

Earlier in 2013, we hosted celebrated painter and printmaker Howard Hodgkin in collaboration with the British Council. In late 2012, we hosted artist Sabrina Mezzaqui in collaboration with the Italian Embassy.

These are not commercial projects, but the overall goal is to bring international art to Bangladesh and help people be exposed to it. Local young artists and freelancers often do not have opportunities to travel in order to experience international art, so we bring the art to them.

We will be launching a cafe within the Art Lounge later in 2013.

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