Top 8 Best Bottle Sterilizers To what is the best pillow for side sleepers Protect Your Baby From Harmful Germs

This is not usually a problem when sterilisers have built-in storage facilities and bottles can be removed when required. If you can what is the best pillow for side sleepers ’t do this, re-sterilise any equipment that you’ve taken out and haven’t used straight away. If your cash flow is smaller now that you’ve become a parent, the cost will be an important consideration.

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  • They can also safely sanitise other items such as breast pump parts, dummies and teethers, so you can be confident that commonly mouthed items are as safe and germ free as possible.
  • This robust construction ensures that you have a device that can comfortably serve your needs for years to come.
  • It’s probably a good idea to get a minimum of two or three bottles.
  • Some parents have complained that it is a little tough to clean.

This is why it is extremely significant that you get a sterilizer that is free of BPA. It is an added risk factor if consumed by babies, whose immunity is already low. This product is new in its industry, so remember to go through the instruction manual carefully before you begin using it. Also, compare the size of the sterilizer with your microwave before you decide to purchase it. We all know how overwhelming it can be when you are a new mother and not used to the hectic schedule it takes to nurture a baby.

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To help give you some peace of mind, we’ve rounded up our favorite sterilizers to ensure your baby’s bottles are as germ-free as possible. The design of the lid can make it difficult to close the unit when it’s fully loaded. A cutting-edge device that uses UV light to thoroughly sterilize just about anything you can think of. A fast, energy-efficient sanitizer with 4 functions and space for 6 bottles.

Dr Browns Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Read on to find out the best microwave bottle sterilizer, the best baby bottle sterilizer and dryer, and more. And if you’re looking for bottle feeding supplies, check out our favorite baby bottles and bottle warmers. While I no longer have a baby (my son is now a busy 9-year-old!) I remember the arduous process for feeding time whenever he was having a bottle. Not only did I have to mix formula or warm up breast milk, I also had to make sure the bottles, nipples, breast pump accessories, and other items were sufficiently cleaned and sterilized. While I have long since given away my baby bottles, I was able to test this small appliance using other items, including glass mason jars and plastic Tupperware. Last but not least, this might be the best baby bottle sterilizer as it is made by the Dr. Brown’s Company.

Keep in mind that bottle sterilizers are ideal for breast pump parts, too. So, if you will be pumping regularly, a larger option might work better to regularly sterilize all of your pump parts and breastmilk storage bottles. If you have limited space on the worktop for an electric sterilizer, the Tommee Tippee Baby Bottles Microwave Sterilizer is a good choice. At just 24cm wide, it’s designed to fit into a standard microwave. Also, its lightweight design means it’s handy for travelling. It comes with a newborn soother and a pair of tongs and can sterilize up to four baby bottles in four minutes.

Most bottles will fit inside the warmer, along with baby food jars, and can warm up milk in just four minutes or keep items warm once they’ve been heated. This sterilizer also features 24hr thermostat control that keeps the milk and water’s target temperature stable for 24 hours. It uses steam sterilization that kills 99% of the bacteria from your baby’s bottle. To prevent continuous boiling that can ruin your baby’s bottle or accessories, it has auto-power off, so even if you are busy doing something, you can leave the bottles sterilizing. This product is very easy to use that parents and grandparents can use this with one hand. Don’t bother boiling or steaming your bottles on the stove—this bottle sterilizer makes it easy to use your microwave!

Electric Steam Sterilizers

As a reminder, do not remove excess water with a paper towel as you could transfer bacteria and germs back into the sterilized baby bottles. Always clean all bottles thoroughly before feeding your baby. Rinse the bottle thoroughly with cold water to remove any excess milk or water. Then, remove all four removable parts and wash them separately with cold water and soap. Finally, sterilize the bottles using a bottle sterilizer, a microwave or a dishwasher. Don’t use a cloth to dry bottles, as this might transfer bacteria from the cloth to the bottle.

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